Sunday, February 14, 2010

Android Hello!

Hello Android


  1. Hello!
    I've had a little experience with Android last summer and I've been trying out small applications on it ever since. My master's thesis work is directly related to Android and I have big expectations as far as the Android Component development @FAU class goes!

    My experience so far has been rich in several aspects. I'd been working with Eclipse before and I'm not quite sure I like the use of Motodev in exchange. In the end, it shadows the fact that both are, in fact, Eclipse and the versatility this platform has for so much more than just Android (other mobile platforms are accesible through Eclipse too!).

    As far as Android itself goes, the online tutorials are nice, definitely a good place to start and understand the basics! I'm honestly still a bit green when it comes to finding out what the options of the components are, a development methodology, so to speak. Things may be available that I think I need to write myself when it's not the case.

    When I think about the application itself, I still have concerns about Java. Java is new for me and I feel confident that in time I'll make my application work on it, but will it look the way a java application should? Pointers in class about development guidlines would definitely be useful for me.

    I like Android a lot (particularly because its free) and I'm very happy I had the chance to take a class on it. Excellent timing!

  2. Hello *

    This is the first time that I have used a platform Eclipse-like, and it has been an interesting surprise to use it, I say this because in the past I tried to learn by myself Java, but the applications to develop Java where very unfriendly. But in this case the environment is very clear, of course I have the advantage now that I am attending to a class and not doing it alone.

    The way how I used to program is very different from what is needed for Android, here the GUI and the actual working code are so unified that you have to think everything as a unit.

    It is late around here so I will be posting more thoughts later, I am very excited about learning Java and above all Android devel!!!